Have you noticed that we live in a split nation of late? I wish this was a Cubs / Sox thing, or Bears / Packers. But it isn’t. We live in a nation where there have become two groups of people, with radically different assumptions and goals, mores and culture, and I think we are approaching the time when a divorce may become needed.

Much like the Civil War (really not, but that’s the name), even with the same losing side.

First, the sides. On one hand we have a culture that focuses on what are seen as more traditional aspects of life – family, community, being outdoors, sports, self-reliance, and a more insular outlook on things. This side has been attacked in media, culture, and politics as ‘stupid’, ‘ignorant’, ‘backwards’, ‘racist’, and anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-woman, and so forth. They are the butt of jokes, the witless foils. They have been looked down on by people who are smug in their superiority. And they have not taken action against this, preferring to work, raise families, and keep being who they are.

On the other side, we have arrogance, shrieking, actual racism, actual ignorance, and a deep-seated opposition to the idea that reasonable people can, and should, disagree. This side defines itself through hate, insists that no one is allowed to disagree with them, and that they know best how everyone should live. This side has always hated, always been virulently racist, and shows no signs of stopping.

Needless to say, that second group will be the losing side in any conflict or splitting of the nation.

And we should let them go. We don’t need them – not in the least. They don’t farm, don’t produce durable or other goods, and have the temerity to look down on those who do. They defended slavery, invented Jim Crow, and still insist that, as a group, they know what is best for minorities. The racism there is no less than it was when the minions of Bull Connor set dogs on protesters in Birmingham, AL. They assume that all Blacks, Hispanics (not even Mexicans/Hondurans/Colombians/etc. – they are all Hispanic), Asians, and women are monocultures that have the exact same wants, needs, desires, and thoughts. They attack, in the most hateful manner, those who dare step out of that externally-defined monoculture. They call for women to be raped, Blacks to be lynched, black women to be both raped and lynched. And insist that they are in favor of racial equality.

They shriek, and insist that reasonable tones in response are hate.

They are, collectively, useless.

And they are not a monoculture. Not even a bit. Many who identify with this group are not like this – they are actually great people who share a goal, and not a method. These are people who are not useless. The problem is that by allowing the haters to define the lines, good people get caught on the wrong side. Good people who do have the ability to disagree, rationally. Who do think. Who are not filled with hate.

If only we could find a way to silence the shrieking of the idiots, those good people could take back their movement, take back their politics, and we might just all get moving forward again.

It’s a nice dream.