Well done. You managed to take a bad situation and make it worse, and in the process, drag a bunch of others down with you. So, kudos.

How? Well, the DPD is being very circumspect about the details about the suspects, including the dead one, but some things have come out that will make everyone, especially police officers, draw certain conclusions.

Conclusion #1: The Shooter(s) Are Probably Not White
The DPD won’t confirm any details, including sex and race. This tends to mean that you are ‘of color’. Why? Because if this was a white guy, there would be no incentive to hide the information. Whites are not known for riots and semi-violent to violent protests when one of us is killed. A century ago, maybe. But not for the past 50 years or so. So there is that. The comments about wanting to kill white cops is also something of a give-away.

Conclusion #2: The Shooter(s) Are Connected to BLM
The dead sniper said that was not the case, but we all know that perception defines reality, and that will be the perception. Sorry. The fact that the shooter(s) targeted cops who were at the site of a BLM rally will draw a connection between the shooter(s) and the movement. And no matter how much any suspects taken alive say that they are not affiliated, the line is still there. After all, how many people still post the ‘to a wounded soldier’ Christmas card thing…or the ‘Facebook will start charging’ thing? People believe what they want to believe, and no amount of fact will change that. So, for some (maybe even for a lot) of people, the Black Lives Matter movement just killed 5 cops.

Conclusion #3: The Shooter(s) Made Things Worse For Minorities
Yup. Because, just like the above, the reality doesn’t matter, only the perception. So, because of all the above, there is a real chance that more minorities will not be given the benefit of the doubt when faced with a tense situation. Because of the fear of more reprisals, there is a real chance that the police will hesitate to act in minority communities. Because of all of this, the violence will continue. And more people will die.

So, well done. You managed to take a bad situation and just make it so much worse.