Yeah, I watched it.

And here’s the thing – this was easily the most recursively meta movie I have ever seen. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a movie about them literally going to a movie, and then trying to get their own movie.

Let that sink in.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a movie about them trying to be in a movie. And like many animated properties, the script and art are functioning on two levels – the target level of the main audience, and the second level targeting their parents or other adults. This is accomplished here through the site gags, store names (RorShack), and general levels of self-awareness.

The plot isn’t amazing – standard quest to obtain a thing, with detours into the usual young team stuff. Of course, Robin goes it alone, distancing himself from the team. Of course, they get back together. This seems to be a standard Robin move, so it isn’t a surprise. Of course they win when they work together. Of course they are goofy but strangely excel when needed. Look, it’s Teen Titans Go!, not Teen Titans Godot!.

What I love is that it really achieves my current movie metric – it is enjoyable and fun. Seriously, that’s it these days. I will complain about bad CGI, acting, directing, and so on when needed, but I just want to be entertained at the end of it all. And when a movie provides that for however long it runs, then I am happy.

Some of the better moments include the response of the team when previews show both Alfred and the Batmobile getting movies before Robin. Also, the endless use of obsolete technology (cassette tapes); Michael Bolton doing the upbeat, inspirational song titled “Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life”; on arriving at the Warner Brothers lot, the line ‘that’s where the Animaniacs live’; the easily avoided superhero origins…including the Titans easily and instantly saving Krypton; Stan Lee’s cameos were perfect; and the big one…

Nicholas Cage as Superman. Finally.

So, honestly, at 88 minutes, this is a fun diversion. I do think it could have shaved off some time, or better used it at the least. But then, I am not the target audience. It may work better for kids this way.

Take the time to watch, if you have it available. It won’t blow your mind, but will keep you amused or better for a while, and that is important.