The Vampire Circus - Rod Kierkegaard, JrI have long agreed with the position that when a paper publishes a correction due to their own error or bias, it should be presented in the same prominence as the original. I am not going to turn around and exempt myself from that standard.

Exactly a week ago, I posted a review of Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.’s The Vampire Circus, in which I made statements about his research.

Mr. Kierkegaard read that review, for which I thank him, and reached out to correct some of the issues I had with the writing. I will present my complaints, shortened, reordered to make Mr. Kierkegaard’s response sequence fit better, with his responses in red.

  • The partner of the Sundance Kid was Butch Cassidy not ‘Casaday’.
  • Durango’s pistol is a Colt .45, not Colts.
    • And Charlie in all his books referred to his Colt as his “Colts 45”.

I wish to thank Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. for the information, and for being a perfect gentleman when I had been less than such. And while I do stand by the balance of the review, I wish to repeat that his ideas are always excellent, and I will likely keep reading since I like the potential that I see there – they do fuel my imagination, which is what I look for.