So a strange combination of the anti-Rahm Emanuel /Anita Alverez groups and the Black Lives Matter group(s) just passed by up here in the Gold Coast. I got some video, listed below. The protests were peaceful, with lots of shouting, not much shoving by the protesters, and total restraint (as usual) from the police.

As unexpected as it was, the event itself was peaceful, confined to the streets (not sidewalks, not interfering with people there), and exceedingly well documented. From the media crews to the helicopters, the protesters, the bystanders, and the police themselves; everyone seemed to have a camera or phone in use.

I was highly amused by the dude in the ‘Observer’ ball cap – orange cap, name-tag sticker. So very official looking.

There were some arrests, and a squad just shot north on Division, so there may be some more to come. Interesting to see, and all credit to the CPD. Well done, officers.