Star Wars Ep9 Teaser

And suddenly everyone on my Facebook is sharing the SW9 trailer. I'm mostly impressed. The flip with the TIE fighter looks amazing, and we all know what a stickler JJ is for practical effects! Many Bothans died to bring you that stunt. Not gonna lie, seeing Billy Dee...


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It’s Not Fandom That’s Toxic

There has been a lot of pixels spent explaining to all and sundry that geek culture, such as it is, is 'toxic'. Or that elements of it are. And this is often accompanied with a certain level of finger pointing, self-flagellation, and promises to be better. I even...

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Shutdown Theater

Without going into causes, the government shutdown has been a fascinating example of why we need to reform the system, possibly by firing with prejudice everyone in the current system. First, if the essential functions of government can continue with around 380,000...

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Brands And Social Commentary

When is publicity bad for a brand? Despite the old saw of their being no such thing as bad press, there is indeed such a thing, and knowing how to avoid it is increasingly paramount in today’s hot-take-driven media landscape. But Gillette is discovering, as others...

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Anger Derails Progress

Once upon a time, not so long ago, things seemed to be moving the 'right' direction. We were ending discrimination as a society, people were raised, exposed to, and expected to see the person not the wrapper. It seemed, to me at least, that we were finally working on...

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Some Movie Reviews

I have watched a bunch of movies in the past weeks, and because I can, here are some thoughts on them. Baywatch So, yeah. This happened. It is interesting that Dwayne Johnson is bigger as he gets older. See 'The Rundown' or 'Race to Witch Mountain' to see what I mean....

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Toxic Fandom

Kelly Marie Tran was a mostly unknown actress until she landed the part of Rose in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SW8EP8). As I have written, Rose the character, was three points short of useless and completely unnecessary. A simple explanation of the plan to the heroes...

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The Heartreader’s Secret

It is always nice to get a book to review, and it comes with the first two in the series. It is nicer when those books are so wonderfully clever, unique, and well written that you don't feel the weight of obligation over reading them. The Heartreader’s Secret (book...

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Book Review: Creature of the Night

Well. This is a quick read, at least. This is like reviewing two books. Book one had some good commentary on the absurd obsession with 'reality' TV, especially the reductive contest type. Book two forgot all that, and instead went for stupid levels of absurdity,...

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Book Review: Down To Oath

There is an art to writing fiction. The characters need to be likable, accessible, hopefully relatable. The plot needs to flow, and avoid the pitfalls and traps of running your character into dead ends, jumping around, and so on. Sometimes, all that happens, and you...

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