downloadSo, we are currently down in the Birmingham area for Thanksgiving, and in a storefront in front of the hotel, I saw Highland Gourmet Scones. It looked like a decent coffee shop, so the first morning there, I wandered over. And wow.

Based on the smell alone, I ordered a custom tin, then took home the mocha, original (golden raisin), and an orange-cranberry. And we sampled, and both agree, this is a find! These are clearly the best scones I have encountered – from the mass-produced at Starbucks to the fancy at Third Coast Cafe in Chicago’s Gold Coast. These beat them all. Properly dry, epic flavor, and just that incredible smell.

I can’t say I have sampled them all, but of those I have, I prefer the Cherry-Almond, Original, and Orange-Cranberry. These are something you need to experience. And lucky for me, they ship!

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