eagles-sports-range-logob-600x190So the long-delayed Eagle Sports Range is finally open. And, of course, I took a bit of time to check it out. This has been ‘coming soon’ since early last year, and while I fully expected a gun shop and range to have a lot of hoops to jump through, and a nervous town leadership to reassure, I was about ready to consider it another Oak Forest almost-business. For those not living here, Oak Forest has a bad reputation when it comes to businesses, and several businesses have closed before they even opened. I was worried this would be one.

Nope! While much-delayed, Eagle is open, and busy. Occupying a former auto dealership, Eagle has a large showroom area, with tons of firearms, ammo, and accessories for sale. A large staff of friendly associates is on hand to answer your questions, unlock the cases to show the weapons, and talk up the benefits of each. For the casual shooter, there are several pistol options under $500, and for the collector, there are a decent amount of both ‘sci-fi’ and ‘evil black’ rifles and carbines. Several AK-look rifles, some FN-P90s, and the usual collection of AR-15 based rifles. I am not a rifle guy, so I can’t comment on the prices there, but they didn’t seem totally out of line. The pistol and revolver prices seemed in line with other prices I have seen at Cabella’s and BASS Pro. Which is to say, in my opinion, overpriced. Now, some of these are damn nice, including a CZ-owned 1911 build that is way too expensive for me, but just a work of art. The selection is, frankly, massive.

In the back are the pistol and rifle ranges, VIP Member lounge, several bathrooms (like 3 sets I think), a waiting area for the ranges, offices, meeting/class rooms, and vending machines. The pistol range is nice, divided into two sets of lanes, to help keep noise down (unless you are that dude firing the hand cannon when I was there – I literally felt the shockwave). The lanes are staffed by safety officers, and there is always at least one on hand, often two.

Overall, this is a great place for the gun hobbyist / enthusiast, and once the classes get going, they are sure to be popular.

There are two issues I had, and they are why this is not a 5 star review. They are both safety related, and both should be corrected by the ownership. There is too much anti-gun and anti-shooting sports mentality out there to let this go unremarked.

  1. Showroom Carry: While I didn’t see every holster close up, every employee holster I did see was completely insecure. Nothing holding the weapon in place, no strap, nothing. Not even a bad strap. Nothing at all. Again, I did not interact with every employee, so there may be some doing it right. But the ones I did interact with (and no, I don’t know names) had an insecure holster. One employee went further, and like a stupid TV character had the hammer of his automatic back. That’s right, he had manually pulled the hammer back on his pistol, and holstered it. This is way uncool, and needs correction.
  2. Pistol Range Carry: Less of an issue, but the ‘range safety officer’ with the shoulder rig should rotate that revolver 90 degrees. Instead, the barrel is pointing at everyone behind him. Shoulder holsters have their own issues, which make them less than ideal, and by pointing his weapon blindly behind him, he is breaking one of those core rules of using a gun. Just point that barrel down, thanks.

So that’s it. Great place, solid pricing, and helpful staff. If you are interested, I cannot suggest enough that you take a look.

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