Day 3 opens with me doing what I always do on Friday…work from home. Of course, this is the enforced version, so it’s still weird.

I got those images converted, and then……

Ok, so I am having a motivation issue. Not that I don’t have this on a normal day, but today is an extra-special one it seems. I have this catalog project to work on, and that’s a ton of slow work staring me down. I need to do it, but don’t want to.

So I do the usual Friday stuff – update new items with images in the archive.

I had some hope, friends were planning to get together tomorrow, but that got killed with the Governor issued a state-wide ‘stay-home’ order, which bans going out for non-essential stuff. So that was ended before it began.

This is looking like it’s going to last a long time, it’s only day 3 of me being home and all, but I have to say I don’t see the end.

Politics Again

In our system, there is one overwhelming thread that runs through all sides of the political divide.

Power once gathered is slow to be released.

It’s actually easy to see. Remember those lists of silly laws that make the rounds every so often? Wile a lot of those are, or seem to be, urban legends, there are some that still are legit. And that those are still on the books is a kind of perfect example of my point.

Power, once gathered, is unlikely to be released.

And look at what we have happening now. By state and municipal fiat we are closing businesses, restricting travel, and greatly altering the way in which we live. All for a virus with a lower case fatality rate than many other diseases we tend to ignore. I am not saying these steps are wrong, merely that we need to pay attention to the government in this – they have been allowed to gather a lot of power in the past week, and need to be held to the fire to release it.