When is it acceptable to use a crowdfunding platform for personal use? I don’t have a good answer to that – it seems like if there is a medical or other emergency, then it is ok. But is there a line? If so, where? And are these platforms really there to be a ‘get out of my own problem’ card?

In some cases, I see the use need. Medical issues, sudden deaths (funeral, survivor’s funds, etc.), unpreventable life events that need money (pending evictions as results of job loss, car repairs to prevent same). And I support that without reservation. This is why places like GoFundMe exist after all. And the use of them shouldn’t come with any stigma. I suspect most people would be somewhat emotionally traumatized enough at being in that position that piling on some inappropriate social stigma is not only unneeded, but unkind as well.

I have a bit more hesitancy at these being use for self-caused situations. Quitting without a job lined up, for example. I understand not everyone thinks like I do (mechanism of thought), or holds the same opinions. I just have a hesitancy when it comes to using a platform that in my opinion was intended to help those in need when you caused it yourself. I did apply this to myself, when I was trying to get a new laptop, and couldn’t afford the one that would work best for my job. I created, and never launched, a campaign to pay for the computer. I couldn’t (literally) commit to asking others for help with something I didn’t need, even though it would have made life much easier.

I am, however, outright opposed to using a crowd platform to fund your hobby. Completely. I have seen a lot of this lately, and it just seems to do nothing but annoy me. Look, it is a hobby – of you cannot afford it, either do it at an affordable level, or find another one. Really. I see people committing money I know they don’t have to things that they don’t have to do, and I wonder how that mindset works. I honestly just cannot understand it.