La Finca Mexican Restaurant

La Finca Mexican Restaurant

La Finca Menu CoverI don’t usually do reviews for restaurants, but I do like the idea of giving some promotion to local restaurants that I think are worth keeping open.

La Finca, at 6050 W 159th St in Oak Forest is just such a place. I have been really pleased with the quality there, and while it isn’t the pinnacle of the Mexican food world, it is very solid, and they know what they are about. I’ve had the bistec mexicana and the bistec Oaxaquena, both very tasty, and well portioned.

For those not familiar, the bistec mexicana is strips (or chunks, cubes, etc.) of skirt steak in a reddish-brown sauce with green peppers and onion. It can also use jalapenos, but I won’t order it that way – too spicy for me. The bistec mexicana at La Finca was tender, flavorful, and in a sauce with the right amount of bite. I usually pass over the green peppers, and go right to the onions, also good. The sauce was thick enough to stick to the meat and onion, but not so thick as to overpower the texture.

Bistec Oaxaquena is the same preparation of strip steak, with the green peppers, but with bacon and Oaxaca cheese. This is really good – the only thing I would say about it (and this is about the dish, not the restaurant) is that adding some onion and/or sauce would punch it up a few notches.

Overall, La Finca is really good at providing fairly priced, quality Mexican food. The portions are good-sized, if a bit smaller than similarly priced options elsewhere. That is not a bad thing, I never feel that I have overpaid – not for a moment – and I get to finish it all off, and not feel like I overdid it. That is a total plus.

The only negative is that the service is a bit shaky – I attribute that to newness, and possible language issues (and one assumption about a single guy in a restaurant next to a nail salon). Seriously, though, despite that shakiness, nothing has ever been messed up, misinterpreted, or any of the other common service issues at restaurants.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop in for a bite. You should be pleasantly surprised.