cover 1000Thank you to Curiosity Quills for the review copy.

Ok, this is what a good thriller DOES. Seriously. I had to look to be sure that ‘First Novel’ tag was accurate, since there is absolutely nothing in this that says ‘first book’. Not a thing. The plot is just believable enough to work in the modern setting, while being just enough out of reach to make the sci-fi aspect stand out.

In brief, this is the story of Eliana Havelock, an amazingly competent (but human – so injuries happen, and she isn’t perfect) independent operator in the shadow world of international espionage/counterterrorism operations. She becomes involved with British intelligence in a fight against a former agent of theirs intent on MI6’s destruction.

The bonus for readers here is that the author is, like her heroine, amazingly competent, but human. As the one or two regular readers of these things may notice, small errors drive me nuts. Misplace a city by a hundred miles, and I am ok if it serves the plot. Misspell a historical figure’s name, and it’s all over. There was not one instance of that in this book. Not a one.

So, it looks like this:


  • Fast moving
  • Internal consistency (the Lothario character is  always the Lothario, the arrogant one is consistently arrogant, etc.)
  • Well plotted – this is how I would do it if I was the bad guy
  • Not so far removed from reality, while being a bit removed
  • Superior pacing
  • Real twists – not something that you see coming on page 2
  • Actual suspense – not for the main character, per se, but for everyone else


  • Not long enough
  • Not sure there will be a second book – there should be!

I will also say that this was released initially as a Kindle Single, with follow-on installments. I did not read it that way, but as the full book. Other reviews suggest that it works in both formats, so that’s a plus. I can’t speak to that, however.

In closing, Ms. Everly needs to get moving on the second book, I very much look forward to it!

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