No, we aren’t shutting down.

We…lol. Anyway, I am not posting one of those inane ‘COVID-19’ messages where we reassure you that a purely online service takes your health seriously, and is going to make sure to clean more often/thoroughly. That’s just nuts. Clean a store, sure. Clean a hosting provider? Really?

And can I add that it’s really distressing to have all the food service places imply that they aren’t as clean as they could be? Seriously.

So, this will continue to be as infrequent and random as it has been. I won’t be cleaning more often, because why. Immunity isn’t developed in sterile fields! And also because I don’t work on food service, so if I did clean more often, you wouldn’t be impacted in the least. So deal.

I have started a daily log of what’s happening here during the forced isolation of the pandemic. Interestingly, I don’t see a lot of other blogs focused on COVID-19 out there. Go figure. Maybe this thing can finally be monetized! Gimme that filthy bloggy lucre already. Or, you know, not. Whatever.

Keep safe, and remember, this isn’t going to be forever.