Ok, I want to make this one official. As the head of the Blind Lemur Conservative Party (motto: Vel Caeci Facere Maius Lemur [Even a Blind Lemur Could Do A Better Job]), here are the party endorsements for 2016. Since I, and thus the Inner Party, are in Crook Cook County, that’s what you get. While some snark is present, the points are sincere.

U.S. President/U.S. Vice President

Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine – Democratic Party ; Donald J. Trump & Michael R. Pence – Republican Party; Gary Johnson & Bill Weld – Libertarian Party; Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka – Green Party

Nope. None of them. Not. A. One. Even the Great Corporate Hope, Evan McMullen is a nope. And he isn’t even on the ballot in IL. Seriously, this is the worst field since…well, any in North Korea. We have a dishonest career politician and lawbreaker running against a small-handed vulgarian. With a side of clown show and hippies. Yeah, this is bad. This is one of those points, I hope, that is described in future history books as ‘the moment the people began taking back their government, and replaced the inept and corrupt system with one that was not only truly answerable to the voters, but required to be so’. BLC Endorses None Of The Above / Sweet Meteor of Death.

U.S. Senator (Illinois)

Tammy Duckworth – Democratic Party; Mark Steven Kirk – Republican Party; Kenton McMillen – Libertarian Party; Scott Summers – Green Party

While I wish I could endorse Cyclops, the Green Party is something I cannot ever support. This is another nightmare, since Kirk has to run as a Democrat to win, Duckworth is one, and that leaves McMillen. Who I, honestly, never heard of. But he is the only sane choice. BLC Endorses McMillen.

U.S. Representative (Illinois’s 1st congressional district)

August (O’Neill) Deuser – Republican Party; Bobby L. Rush – Democratic Party

Another ‘vote against’ race. Rush needs to go. He has been in office far too long, but, like most leftist, can trust the minority voters to know their place, and will be reelected. It doesn’t matter, Cook County is owned and run by the Democrats, as the multitude of failures here shows. Plus, I know someone named August. BLC Endorses Deuser.

State and Local below the fold…

IL State Comptroller

Claire Ball – Libertarian Party; Tim Curtin – Green Party; Susana Mendoza – Democratic Party; Leslie Geissler Munger – Republican Party

In Illinois, we have a Treasurer and a Comptroller. For, one assumes, reasons. We also have a Michael Madigan. The Democrats will pretend that the Governor runs the state, but the reality is that Madigan does. He is the Speaker of the House, chair of the Democratic Party, and will direct said party to strip endorsements and funding from any Democrat who opposes him. There is more, and frankly, until he is gone, reform is simply not possible in Illinois. It’s like a mafia down there. And yes, he is the Godfather. So, with that, any endorsement at the state level must take removing Madigan into account. Current Comptroller, Leslie Geissletr Munger has done a stellar job with the shit sandwich Madigan and his bootlickers have handed her. We need to keep her in office to keep some kind of check on the Democratic Machine. BLC Endorses Munger.
IL State Representative (Illinois State House district 30)
William “Will” Davis – Democratic Party

Yes, unopposed. That is how it works here. Seriously, there is almost no organized resistance in Cook County any more. Sad. BLC Endorses Anyone Else You Want To Write In.
Amendment 1 · Requires all state money derived from transportation be spent only on other transportation related projects

The proposed amendment adds a new section to the Revenue Article of the Illinois Constitution. The proposed amendment provides that no moneys derived from taxes, fees, excises, or license taxes, relating to registration, titles, operation, or use of vehicles or public highways, roads, streets, bridges, mass transit, intercity passenger rail, ports, or airports, or motor fuels, including bond proceeds, shall be expended for other than costs of administering laws related to vehicles and transportation, costs of construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair, and betterment of public highways, roads, streets, bridges, mass transit, intercity passenger rail, ports, airports, or other forms of transportation, and other statutory highway purposes, including the State or local share to match federal aid highway funds. You are asked to decide whether the proposed amendment should become part of the Illinois Constitution.

While this sounds good, I will say no. There are two reasons, in the main. One is that no one is forcing Springfield to loot the roads funds, they choose to do that. By locking this out, it would, indeed, prevent that looting. But would also prevent using the funds in an emergency. The second reason is that the amendment would simply redirect the looting elsewhere. I also think that the supporters are seeing a slush fund, and Illinois is already corrupt enough. BLC Endorses a NO Vote.

That is the list for now – there are more, but these are the big ones above the county level. At the county level, there is no point, as the Democrats control it all. Look, if you want to run, I will endorse you. But I fear we will need to have a Detroit-level collapse to get people to see the Democratic Party for what it is.

I hope to have left before it happens.